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*valid from 07.09.2020.

We reserve the right to change the line timetables and prices.

Ticket and pass prices for line


City Transport

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  • The city public transport system includes 12 lines run by 22 buses. The existing lines cover all parts of the city of Zadar.

    The city public transport services are provided daily in accordance with a defined timetable, from 5 a.m. to 12 midnight (and to 1 a.m. during the summer season). The boarding station for all lines (buses traveling to different city neighborhoods) is the Central Bus Station. In general, the buses run every 20 minutes, except for the Peninsula (Center) line, in which case the buses run every 15 minutes.

    The existing passenger transportation charge system allows for the possibility of transferring from one line to another, i.e. of riding two or more lines using a single ticket within a specific period of time.

  • Bus platform 1:  Bibinje, Belafuža (Petrići)
    Bus platform 2:  Dračevac - Ploča
    Bus platform 3:  Stanovi - Bili Brig – Plovanija, Plovanija - Bili Brig, Crvene kuće - Supernova; Supernova
    Bus platform 4:  Poluotok (Centar), Bokanjac Novo Naselje
    Bus platform 5:  Diklo, Puntamika, Žmirići, Gradsko groblje
    Bus platform 6:  Gaženica - Trajektna luka, Gaženica - Industrijska zona
    Bus platform 7:  Crno

  • Individual tickets are available for purchase:


    • inside the bus, at the driver's cabin, through mobile app "Smartica",
    • Individual carnet tickets for two rides or a book of 10 individual tickets (a total of 20 rides) are available for purchase at all Tisak kiosks.



    Individual tickets can be used for a specific period of time, from the moment they are validated until the expiry of the period specified on the ticket. Digital tickets bought through digital app "Smartica" are validated at the device in the bus. In case of transferring from one line to another, the ticket is valid only for buses traveling in the same direction and within the period of 50 minutes. A ticket for two rides purchased at a marked price is valid for a period of 15 days from the price change, while unused tickets can be substituted within the period of 30 days at an additional surcharge. After the specified deadline, the ticket will be considered unusable or non-substitutable.

    • When entering the bus, the passengers are required to show their tickets to the driver (individual ticket, carnet ticket, monthly or annual pass).
    • A carnet ticket must be validated in the validating machine for one or two rides.
    • At the request of a “Liburnija” d.o.o. officer (ticket inspector), passengers are required to show their tickets.
    • Passengers riding a bus without a ticket or with an invalid ticket shall pay a fine.
    • The fine amount is HRK 100.00 in both city and suburban transport.
    • A monthly pass includes a photo of the passenger and is therefore non-transferrable. It is valid solely for the person it is made out to and provided the current month stamp contains the relevant card number.
    • A valid monthly pass consists of a card and the current month stamp inserted in plastic foil.
    • The cards, stamps and plastic foils are available for purchase at the “Liburnija” Ticket Office.
    • The sale of monthly stamps starts on the 28th day of the current month for the following month. The stamp is only valid for the month for which it is issued, from the first to the last day of that month.
    • A damaged monthly pass must be replaced by a new one.


    Employee Monthly Pass:

    • All citizens are eligible for an employee monthly pass.
    • It is issued upon presentation of the personal ID card and a request verified by the user.
    • The issued card is valid for an unlimited period of time.

    Student Monthly Pass:


    • Regular students attending primary school, high school, college or university are eligible for a student monthly pass.
    • The student monthly pass card is valid from September 1 of the current year to August 31 of the following year.
    • Student cards are issued on the basis of requests verified at a school or university and a request verified by the user.
  • The following persons are entitled to free transportation on the territory of Zadar:

    • children up to 5 years of age accompanied by an adult (up to three children),
    • blind persons with a valid membership card issued by the Association of the Blind,
    • uniformed MUP (Ministry of Internal Affairs) officers,
    • public utility officers with a proper card.


    The persons entitled to free card issuance are persons with permanent residence on the territory of the City of Zadar who belong to one of the following categories:

    1. Persons above 65 years of age who are not eligible for retirement,
    2. Retired persons whose pension does not exceed HRK 2,750.00,
    3. Family members of “permanent social assistance“ beneficiaries attending regular school,
    4. Members of the following citizen associations:

                 - Association of Parents of Deceased War Veterans,

                 - Association of War Veterans Suffering from PTSD,

                 - Association of Civil Victims of the Homeland War,

                 - Association for Mentally Retarded Persons – Svjetlo, and

                 - Zadar Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities.

        5.  All students on the territory of the City of Zadar.


    The categories of citizens mentioned in Sections 1 to 5 are granted right to free city public transportation upon presentation of the relevant proofs at request of the competent “Liburnija” d.o.o. personnel, as follows:


    • persons mentioned in Section 1 upon presentation of a certificate issued by the local Croatian Institute for Pension Insurance office confirming that they are not eligible for retirement,
    • persons mentioned in Section 2 upon presentation of the most recent pension payment slip,
    • persons mentioned in Section 3 upon presentation of a relevant Decision of the Social Welfare Center,
    • persons mentioned in Section 4 upon presentation of a card confirming membership to one of the mentioned associations,
    • persons mentioned in Section 5 upon presentation of a certificate confirming their enrolment in the current academic year.


    All persons must provide one photo in the format required for the personal ID card and a request verified by the user.
    The price of the annual card is HRK 20.00.
    The cards are issued only at the main office of “Liburnija” d.o.o. (Ticket Office).


    *VAT (25%) is included in the ticket price
    *is valid from April 1, 2012